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   Vasiliki Tsokani S.A.'s policy is the continuous improvement of system of management of quality which also applies continuous improvement of provided products and services. Having quality in the epicenter of its operation, it aims to the increase of its customer's satisfaction, so as to increase its competitiveness. For V. Tsokani S.A. observes the specifications of characteristics that have been agreed with each customer and can be delivered on time agreed, constitutes a qualitative product or service.

Quality Policy is achieved by:

The application of required specifications and the accordance to laws and regulations.
The establishment, examination and redesigning of its provisions where necessary.
The disposal of required essential.
The regular examinations of required productive means and resources system. The evaluation of the procedures effectiveness.
The confirmation on behalf of the customers that our company can fulfill their needs and expectations as far as it concerns its products and services.
The continuous improvement of company's profile as far as it concerns its products quality.
The renewal and preventive maintenance of mechanical equipment so as the company can get products of high standards with low cost.
Measuring of raw material and final in order to assure that our products and services meet the needs and the expectations of our customers.
Breafing and suitable training of personnel.
The motivating of the personnel to contribute to the achievement of company's quality targets.

V. Tsokani S.A. admits, promotes and rewards its members that contribute in the achievement of the high standards that it sets.

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